May 19, 2018

RISE and IMPACT seminar weekend

Hi my Gabbers! So this weekend I did Rise/Impact.  It was a seminar with Gail Kim, Jimmy Jacobs, Sonjay Dutt, and Scott Demore.  Now I have been wrestling since 2001, but I am always learning.  No matter who you are you can always learn more and improve.  That is the mind set you need in life. Be proud of yourself but never satisfied. (stole that from Christian Guzman.)  But its true.  There is always something new to learn in whatever you do.  In wrestling there is so much to learn. Different styles, reversals, characters, shapes and sizes, and I love it all.  The more I know the more I appreciate it even more.
So, this weekend, I met so many great girls willing to learn.  I do have to give it to Kevin that he has started RISE so there is a place for us girls to learn.  When I started there wasn’t like an all girl school. Heck it was hard enough to get in a regular school. When I started most wrestling schools wouldn’t let girls join. I had to go almost 2hrs from my house in north New Jersey to train. Then still have to go to High school in the morning. There just weren’t that many opportunities for the girls that were lucky enough to train.  The girls today have so much opportunities.  As I’m a little jealous sometimes, not of the girls but how people look at women’s wrestling. But I’m more excited. There are so many girls now but there is room for everyone. I can’t wait to wrestle them all!
Well I’m not sure if this weekend will lead to any bookings or contracts. It is a step in the right direction. Even more so I am so happy I got to meet these girls and form new relationships. And I know that one day when I leave wrestling (not anytime soon) that women’s wrestling is in great hands.
If you want to see clips of the seminar, you can check it out on Impact Twitch. The matches I believe are on the Rise website.
Check out my IG to see some of the girls from this weekend.  Become fans of them and ask your local promotion to see a match between me and them.

 Jump training for leap frogs

May 11, 2015

WWE Rosebud!!!

 It finally happened, my dream came true!! Well partially, I got a chance to work for WWE. As a Rosebud for Adam Rose, I got a chance to see how WWE works and experience performing live. Ok so I only walked to ringside and danced around but it was the greatest moment of my life. Of course I would love to do more but if thats all I get to do with WWE at least I can say I worked for WWE. And that is a dream I never thought would happen.
  But now that I had a taste for WWE I want it more than ever before. That far fetched dream that everyone thought I was crazy for having seems so reachable now. On that note keep your eyes open for me. I might be background or I might be main event. No matter what you will see me there again!!! #Determined

January 12, 2015


Last show Bamm Bamm came out and "strutted" around and in the ring as my match started. As I was trying to get him out of the ring so I can start Candy hits me from behind. Totally throwing me off and caused me to lose my match.  Well if he whats to be part of my matches so much he got his wish. On Jan 17th its ME vs Bamm Bamm JD Browning.

December 5, 2014

Toys for Tots!

Sat Dec 6 in Woodbury, NJ join me and the rest of ECWA give back to Toys for Tots!
Every child, if they believe in Santa or not should be able have a gift this holiday. Help make a child happy and bring a gift to the show.  And as our thanks you get to watch ME wrestle hahaha. It will be tons of fun!! See you there.