January 26, 2013

Video of the Week

Check out this hardcore match of ME in Mexico! 
These chicas are def tough. Watch how I got tough right back.

January 16, 2013

Riding a Mechanical Bull!

Check off my Bucket List! 
Riding a BULL!

2013! Not your typicial year!

Hey you hip cats,

Its 2013! I'm so excited. I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. I couldn't get into my site. I finally did just now and still not sure how it worked this time lol. I am not computer savvy.

Well..... Anyway.... This is not your typical diva and 2013 will not be a typical year for me.  Not only am I turning 30 this year. Yes 30!! Shocker! (in October)  but this my 12th year in this awesome biz call Pro Wrestling (or Sports Entertainment to some).  I am freaking excited. Looking back at all I have done, I'm still in shock that I even got to do any of it. But I also realize that there is so much more I want to do. So this is the year I really make it happen!

Not only do I have a lot I want to accomplish in wrestling but also outside of it too.  I am going to be 30. Thankfully no kids (yet). I want to do so much. I have a whole bucket list of stuff. Check it out when you get chance. Maybe you can help me check off my list. Make one of your own and tell me about it. We can do it together. I hope if someone sees something they can help me with they will let me know. And I really want to know whats on your list. I might like it enough to put on mine.

Well if you have already check out my bucket list you realize I have a lot on my plate. Its hard to juggle everything. But I'm going to do it. Its fun living out your dreams. I hope everyone does.

I am still trying to figure out how to put paypal up on here so people can buy my stuff. Sorry its been taking so long. But if someone has any tips for me please let me know. Till then come to my shows and but my stuff first hand.
I am also trying to update this as much as possible and do my "Gabbin w/ Gabby" videos more often. Working on some cooking vids also. They were going to be "Pots, Pans & Pro Wrestling" but it might just be "In My Messy Kitchen"  because its hard to get wrestlers together to cook lol.  maybe that will be a special and I'll just show clips in between things.  well we will see.

Plus this year is the year of Rainbow Bright! The most colorful tag team ever!  Keep your eye out for Luscious Latasha (T: @LusciousLatasha )and I as we take over the world. Starting with our Mexico tour this spring. Keep checking back for more dates. And book us to challenge your local tag champs. As we are trying to hold belts everywhere. We will wrestle girls and guys. We don't care, all we see are Titles!!!!

More to come soon. Till then check out @PatkickGaming and his funny vids. You might find me on some. #Trolling