September 2, 2013

My Fantasy....

OK Boys its time for my fantasy.... Fantasy Football League that is heheh.

Well I always had someone in my life watching football near me. Like any girl, never really sure what is going on. But the more I hang out with friends that actually play football I'm learning more about the game and really starting to like it. With my friend, you might know her as Barb Dwyer, playing tackle football she makes me want to play. But with the fear of getting hurt and not being able to wrestle, I'm still debating on playing.
 So till then I have convinced my bf to let me in his fantasy football league. Of course he wont let me in his real fantasy league for money. Which I don't understand, if I'm clueless about football wouldn't you want me in your league so you can take my money lol. Well he says he doesn't want me to keep asking him questions during the games lol. Like I'm not going to do it anyway lmao.
Well Pat has started a league with his video games friends. And I'm actually aloud in this one. We will be live streaming the draft. I will tweet it so you can all watch the fun time of me trying to pick players that are still playing. (Just found out that Emit Smith doesn't play anymore lol jk). Maybe you guys can even help me with my picks.

Since I'm getting all my info off the show "The League" and its one of my favorite shows anyway. I named my team... "Team Taco" plus I also thought it fits being that I'm the only girl in it heheh. Our League is "PatkickSports" so I don't know if you can check it out or not. Maybe not till after the draft. But.... yeah.... idk .... lol

We will be live streaming it Wed, Sept 4, at 7pm.  Look for my tweets!

Whooooos ready for some footballlllllll!!!!!?????!!!!!????

August 28, 2013


Check another one off my bucket list!  This past weekend I went zip-lining!

I went zip lining with my amazing bf and a few friends. We went to Skytop adventure lodge. I got it on Living Social for $40 for 2 people. Which is an awesome deal because most places are like $100. But even without the coupon it was still $40 for 1 person.
The place was so nice. Great scenery . Trees, lake, mountain... just great views all over.  We teamed up with another group that made it even more fun. There were really nice and just made it better. We had a cool guide named Kevin.
Lets just say I'm kind of afraid of heights. But I got threw it with the help of my amazing boyfriend Patrick.  Some of the obstacles were hard for me cause I'm short and my legs just barely reached. But Pat was ahead of me telling me how I can do it. And being right there when I needed a hand to get to the next base. Of course him going ahead of me didn't help when he would walk across the bridges making them wobble all over the place lol. But even with that making it a bigger challenge I still got through it. And it was freaking fun!!!!!!  I highly encourage everyone to try zip lining as soon as possible. I can't wait to do it again.  I do want to try another place where we do more zip lining and less obstacles.

The next day we all went to Camel Beach water park. It was alot of fun. The water sides were so fast and almost roller coaster like.  And if you guys know me, of course I got sick. Yup. I didn't throw up but I kind of wish I did. All the rides got me a little dizzy but I think the one that hit me the most was I think called the Viper. It was the red slide that is a tunnel tube where it is pitch black and alot of turns. When I got to the bottom, I couldn't stand up. I was falling before I even could brace myself to get up. Then we did the ski lift. Again I am scared of heights and was freaking out the whole way up the mountain.  But then again he was my hero, Patrick to save the day. Holding my hand and making me feel safe. I thought the way down would be worse but I was focusing on him and the great view I was witnessing. And enjoying the fact I got to experience it with him.

I had a great weekend and I hope you guys did too!


June 24, 2013

New Workout

Hey guys,

So you know I'm trying new workouts. I just bought new Groupon for kickboxing classes. I can't wait to try it out.These are at Amerikick. I'm not sure if they will be the same as the ones I'm doing at the MMA school. But I'm still excited.

I also got my co-worker at Retro, Andrew, to write me up a workout for me. I haven't had a chance to do it yet. He said to do it once a week. He seems really excited about working out so I'm def trying to make him my new workout buddy.

I love doing tag team workouts with Latasha. When we skype and do the same On Demand workout at the same time. lol We might not be n the same state but we are in the same state of mind. Workout Mode.
She keeps me motivated and I hope I keep her just as motivated. We have the same dreams and goals in mind. So its good we have each other to push ourselves in the right direction.
Love that girl.

Let me know what workouts you are doing and what is keeping you motivated.

June 20, 2013


Hey Guys, Sorry for the lack of updating here.  Trying to get my "real" life in order.
There is supposed to be a Rainbow Bright Mexico tour & Australia tour. Sorry but things keep changing. So no definite dates at this time.

I got a new job at RETRO FITNESS! The one at Franklin Mills Mall. Please drop in to say "hi!" Or even sign up. lol We have a great gym. Its cheap and we even has classes.
That being said, I'm working out alot at the gym, doing some kick boxing/mma classes at , plus doing some pole classes at Flaunt Fitness. So I hope next time you see me I will be a more fit/healthier Gabby.
I am also in the process of getting new gear. So keep a look out for some pix.

For now I'm just enjoying and catching up on my "real" life. Being that I'm 29, I'm trying to get done alot of my bucketlist done before I'm 30.
 I am also supporting my bf with his run in IGL. He is on the Hornets team. This league is the developmental for the Philadelphia Soul and other arena football teams. Please come out and support him with me at the Wells Fargo Center.  Buy a ticket to his game and get in to the Soul game for free.

I have also started a VLOG on another youtube channel. SpreadItOnWithGabby   I will try to get some of the videos on here.

I am watching Game 7 of basketball. OMG I haven't watched so much sports in my life than I did this year. Well I'm updating my blog durning the game so you can see how much I care lol. Lets Go Spurs!

Not sure whatelse I need to update you guys on so I guess I'll post something when I think of it. Till then follow me on Twitter @IamGabbyGilbert
My foursquare goes to my twitter, my twitter goes to my fb, any other apps I have goes to my twitter like Vine, C25k,....

January 26, 2013

Video of the Week

Check out this hardcore match of ME in Mexico! 
These chicas are def tough. Watch how I got tough right back.

January 16, 2013

Riding a Mechanical Bull!

Check off my Bucket List! 
Riding a BULL!

2013! Not your typicial year!

Hey you hip cats,

Its 2013! I'm so excited. I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. I couldn't get into my site. I finally did just now and still not sure how it worked this time lol. I am not computer savvy.

Well..... Anyway.... This is not your typical diva and 2013 will not be a typical year for me.  Not only am I turning 30 this year. Yes 30!! Shocker! (in October)  but this my 12th year in this awesome biz call Pro Wrestling (or Sports Entertainment to some).  I am freaking excited. Looking back at all I have done, I'm still in shock that I even got to do any of it. But I also realize that there is so much more I want to do. So this is the year I really make it happen!

Not only do I have a lot I want to accomplish in wrestling but also outside of it too.  I am going to be 30. Thankfully no kids (yet). I want to do so much. I have a whole bucket list of stuff. Check it out when you get chance. Maybe you can help me check off my list. Make one of your own and tell me about it. We can do it together. I hope if someone sees something they can help me with they will let me know. And I really want to know whats on your list. I might like it enough to put on mine.

Well if you have already check out my bucket list you realize I have a lot on my plate. Its hard to juggle everything. But I'm going to do it. Its fun living out your dreams. I hope everyone does.

I am still trying to figure out how to put paypal up on here so people can buy my stuff. Sorry its been taking so long. But if someone has any tips for me please let me know. Till then come to my shows and but my stuff first hand.
I am also trying to update this as much as possible and do my "Gabbin w/ Gabby" videos more often. Working on some cooking vids also. They were going to be "Pots, Pans & Pro Wrestling" but it might just be "In My Messy Kitchen"  because its hard to get wrestlers together to cook lol.  maybe that will be a special and I'll just show clips in between things.  well we will see.

Plus this year is the year of Rainbow Bright! The most colorful tag team ever!  Keep your eye out for Luscious Latasha (T: @LusciousLatasha )and I as we take over the world. Starting with our Mexico tour this spring. Keep checking back for more dates. And book us to challenge your local tag champs. As we are trying to hold belts everywhere. We will wrestle girls and guys. We don't care, all we see are Titles!!!!

More to come soon. Till then check out @PatkickGaming and his funny vids. You might find me on some. #Trolling