June 24, 2013

New Workout

Hey guys,

So you know I'm trying new workouts. I just bought new Groupon for kickboxing classes. I can't wait to try it out.These are at Amerikick. I'm not sure if they will be the same as the ones I'm doing at the MMA school. But I'm still excited.

I also got my co-worker at Retro, Andrew, to write me up a workout for me. I haven't had a chance to do it yet. He said to do it once a week. He seems really excited about working out so I'm def trying to make him my new workout buddy.

I love doing tag team workouts with Latasha. When we skype and do the same On Demand workout at the same time. lol We might not be n the same state but we are in the same state of mind. Workout Mode.
She keeps me motivated and I hope I keep her just as motivated. We have the same dreams and goals in mind. So its good we have each other to push ourselves in the right direction.
Love that girl.

Let me know what workouts you are doing and what is keeping you motivated.

June 20, 2013


Hey Guys, Sorry for the lack of updating here.  Trying to get my "real" life in order.
There is supposed to be a Rainbow Bright Mexico tour & Australia tour. Sorry but things keep changing. So no definite dates at this time.

I got a new job at RETRO FITNESS! The one at Franklin Mills Mall. Please drop in to say "hi!" Or even sign up. lol We have a great gym. Its cheap and we even has classes.
That being said, I'm working out alot at the gym, doing some kick boxing/mma classes at kickboxingnow.com , plus doing some pole classes at Flaunt Fitness. So I hope next time you see me I will be a more fit/healthier Gabby.
I am also in the process of getting new gear. So keep a look out for some pix.

For now I'm just enjoying and catching up on my "real" life. Being that I'm 29, I'm trying to get done alot of my bucketlist done before I'm 30.
 I am also supporting my bf with his run in IGL. He is on the Hornets team. This league is the developmental for the Philadelphia Soul and other arena football teams. Please come out and support him with me at the Wells Fargo Center.  Buy a ticket to his game and get in to the Soul game for free.

I have also started a VLOG on another youtube channel. SpreadItOnWithGabby   I will try to get some of the videos on here.

I am watching Game 7 of basketball. OMG I haven't watched so much sports in my life than I did this year. Well I'm updating my blog durning the game so you can see how much I care lol. Lets Go Spurs!

Not sure whatelse I need to update you guys on so I guess I'll post something when I think of it. Till then follow me on Twitter @IamGabbyGilbert
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