July 28, 2012

Modeling and Comedy

So Comedy 215 with Chris Smith had a modeling contest for a face of Comedy 215.  After the voting online, the finalist were invited to a comedy show to pick a winner. And guess who won.... ME!  I got on stage told a joke, shook my ass. Now I'm the face of Comedy 215.  And since I have so much going on I can't always be there. So all the finialist are going to represent Comedy 215.  But I'm still the winner!!!!

Captain Lucky, ME, Chris Smith
Well last night I went to a Comedy 215 on the Ben Franklin Yacht in Philly, PA. Where Chris Smith was funny as always. 4 hours of great comedy, free buffet ( that I totally destroyed), and open bar, on the Delaware River. Than danced the night away on the 3rd floor, dance floor.  Had so much fun. And hope to see you at more up coming events. For more info  http://www.comedy215.com/

June 22, 2012

NEWF Customs!

Create your own custom matches with ME & any or all of these girls.  Pick someone I haven't wrestled yet or someone you want to see a rematch with(maybe with a better finish, like me winning)
Get to it fast. You don't know when your next chance with all these girls will be.

April 17, 2012

Taking it to the Xtreme!

With only 2 shows left can I leave Mexico as champ? I sure plan to.  I plan on holding this title for a long time. Not only defending it here in Mexico but all over the world.  But with this extreme match coming up it makes me little nervous. But then I think how I survived Queen of the Deathmatch with Mickie Knuckles & Lufisto. So I know I got this & these bitches better watch out cause I'm taking it to the Xtreme! (I am Xtreme Girl after all hehe)

I won! Still Champ!

Video of my Xtreme match in Mexico.

April 15, 2012


In my time here in Mexico, I have been under a mask as Xtreme Girl. Which is awesome because I always wanted to do a masked gimmick. Plus its also a great way to appericate Mexican wrestling & the lucha style. Under the mask I have won the LLF Jr. Championship Belt. Which I still hold & will continue to defend as Gabby Gilbert.

There was a tournament called "Roulette of Death" which the loser loses her mask. Which has become a yearly thing at LLF.

 In this years tournament it was a battle royal entry which you have to pin or submit to win. The last in the ring loses her mask.  I did win but came back to save someone who was being beating with a chair. Reentering the ring, I reentered myself in the tournament. Then I lost my mask to Bandida. You can find the match on my youtube page.

March 27, 2012

1 month in Mexico

Ok people it has been 1 month in Mexico & I’m having fun. Ok so my 1st week not so great. Well I don’t want to say that but if read my Japan blog, I don’t do good on planes.  Ok so I was sick on the plane but I didn’t puke! Then a long car ride (that did not help the sickness) to Monterrey, MX. So that is where I’m staying.  Now this might be too much info but it was also that time of the month when I got here. Which might be part of the reason I was so grumpy my 1st week. Plus the stress of how I left things at home before I came. New house, broken car, leaving Steve with everything. Ok As much as I love traveling for this awesome business, I hate being away from my man & my home. Well I’m ok when he leaves lol so maybe just my home.  I just feel so out of my element and lost. I hate feeling lost. Even while just driving and I get lost, I get really upset and cry.

But anyway, I am so happy and grateful to be here. A dream come true. It’s hard talking to the girls because I don’t know a lick of Spanish & they don’t know any English. Plus getting used to that tag matches here are always 2 out of 3 falls. And both team members have to be pinned/submitted to lose the fall.  So yeah I was really confused at first. I was really down on myself. Like really down. But I’m ok now. I made some friends. I found some food places that I like. And you all know what a picky eater I am.  I think I felt better after I got to talk to Steve on the phone. Hearing his voice just makes me so happy inside.  He just makes everything better.

So I am cutting back on the soda (can’t quit its too good). I’m running every morning. Which was hard at first because I did get lost a few times. But I didn’t cry! Took me awhile but I found my way back.  But have no excuses (work, dogs, etc.) for me to get in shape. I haven’t done so great the 1st month but I promise to do better this 2nd month.  I want to come back a better me.

I am trying to get the most out of this experience by doing as much as I can.  Learning as much as I can. Seeing as much of Mexico as I can.  Plus my new friend, Freddy is a great tour guide.  Did you know that wrestling/ Lucha Libre is still considered a sport here. Which I think is awesome. Plus learning what a mask means down here is so cool. Being that I’m under one down here is freakin awesome to me.  I always wanted to be under a mask. Its not the best looking mask but I love it.

I am starting to get the hang of things down here but there is so much more I can learn and improve on. Oh yeah did I mention that I won a belt? Yuppers I did. I won the LLF Jr Championship belt. I am trying to work hard to prove that I deserve it and keep it. Learning how to kick some ass in new ways down here.  I can’t wait to come back to the states and show the new improve ass kicking Gabby Gilbert.  Hopefully I’ll come back with new gear.

Well this is my update. Pix soon. To keep up with me in more detail follow me on twitter @IamGabbyGilbert 

And I will be back on May 1st.  So if you are looking to book me please email me at Gabby@GabbyGilbert.com

Check you later Bitches.

February 29, 2012

My 1st day in Mexico

Alright people I'm going to try to do this every couple days while I'm here in Monterrey, Mexico!. I'll be here for 2 whole months and this is my 1st day.

Well you probly saw most of my tweets (thsts if you follow me @IamGabbyGilbert ) about my day as it was happening.  So I got to the Philly airport like 6hrs early. I caught up on my Xtreme Odd Couple Podcast w/ Steve Corino & Rob Dimension.  You can find it on www.XOCpodcast.com
Well started to fall asleep. I wake up and realize it time to check in. First flight I had an aisle seat and no one next to me but someone at the window. Which is fine cause I just need elbow room incase I puke.  Of course the 1st thing I do on the plane is check for a barf bag. Found it! So it seems everytime I am given a barf bag I don't puke. So I was happy I didn't puke but felt little bad. Got off and went straight to the other gate with just enough time to ue the bathroom and board.  OMG this plane was small. like 2 seats the aisle then 1 seat. I was the very last seat on the single side.  Which I was fine with. But my ears we popping I was feeling dizzy. I could almost feel the puke building up.  Good thing I didn't eat much. I just kept breathing and tried to take a nap.  Felt really bad by the time I got off the plane but NO PUKE!

Waiting around to get picked p made me so nervous.  How long do I sit there before I realize no one is coming and I should change my flight. I was like I will give it 24 hrs lol.  Then I tried to go online and the airport was trying to charge me. FUCK that shit.   Finally someone came for me. I was so happy to get out of the airport. They asked if I was hungry and what I eat. hahah litle do this people know I am a very picky eater and only eat like 3 things.  Well trying to be nice. "Anything is fine"  HUGH LIE! Thank god they said hamburger.Till I got to thinking how my friend Ed went to Mexico asked for a hamburger and got ham between 2 pieces of bread.(I don't eat ham)  I'm like wait we are still in Texas, they have to mean a real hamburger. fingers crossed.  Well we pass Wendys, BK, Jack in the box, another BK, Md's, another Wendys... where the fuck are we going to eat this hamburger? Now I don't speak a lick of Spanish but I can tell we are lost. I know the face. I have that face almost all day every day. So finally we pull up to something with a Wonder Woman symbol on it.  its called "Whataburger" never heard of it but it looked better then a ham sandwich. check it out on www.whataburger.com

Then we go to Walmart then across the boarder. I didn't realize it was the boarder at first. We got over in like a sec. Didn't even look at my passport or even ask our names. She opened the door said something they said no then we drove off. Felt like we just slowed down didn't stop lol  It better be that easy coming home.

So I'm so tired by this point up over 24hrs not including the mins of sleep I got at the airport and the plane.  So i try to nap in the car to randomly wake up like mins before I hear my name on the radio.  Yuppers They were talking about me and I couldn't understand any of it lol But it was freakin awesome.
Finally get to Monterrey where I was forced to eat enchalata which was kinda ok. like I eat it but would never ask for it again kinda good. Hung out at the "arena" now finally at his place where I am staying.  So tired but So excited.

I feel like I will only be here a week or a few days. Its crazy to think that I will be here for 2 months.  I think its going to go by fast.  I have an interview tomorrow on a radio station.  yup remeber I don't know any Spanish... yup this is going to be fun lol.

Well keep checking back to find out what else is going on with me in Mexico.

Oh yeah the 1st thing I saw when I crossed the board of course was a Coca-Cola truck. I laughed so hard. Plus thinking about what I just heard on XOCpdcast how Steve Corino thinks its a cult. lol well I am seeing tons of Coke stuff hear and 'm taking pix of all of it.  Then you can be the judge if you think its a cult or just yummy.

plus I'm trying to do vids of my adventure and hopefully of some matches too. So lots to look forward to.
Now to sleep awkwardly in someone else's house for the next 2 months as I did for the past 2 weeks.  This crazy thing I call life.

February 20, 2012

Keep on Keepin on...

Moving, moving, moving…
Ok so its only February and my life feels so crazy.

I am moving. Not too far. Just like the next town over.  The place I was in, is being ripped down and re built.  We can move back in when its done (whenever that may be). And I’m sure that the rent will be a lot higher.  Plus what am I supposed to do until then? Oh yeah did I mention that the Landlord only gave us 10 DAYS.  Yeah 10 freakin days.  I was so pissed. Then I realized that’s what was in the lease. But still 10 days. I rarely have things planned for the next 2 days. How am I going to find a new place to live, move all my crap, (which I’m still not done moving my stuff from my parents) oh yeah and pay for it all in 10 DAYS?  If you think that my schedule looks a little lite, its cause I have other things on my mind… like finding a place to live!
Yeah I don’t know if you know this but wrestling doesn’t pay a lot.  Which is why we need you fans to buy are pix and shirts to keep are wrestling habit going.  If it did pay I wouldn’t be working at Dicks Sporting goods. Blah
So anyway, shockingly we totally found a new place that we can afford (that’s not in the ghetto) and its bigger than our old place.  Moving up in the world. Lol But we can’t move in yet.  So what does that mean for this awesome chick?  You guessed it, I’m homeless.  Our stuff is stuffed into a 5x10 storage, and I just have whatever else fits in the car on hand, & our 2 cute dogs.  But thanks to a great friend, He is letting us stay at his place till we move in.  When is move in day? Thats right you guessed it again March 1st. Oh did I mention Steve leaves for Japan Feb 28th, & I leave for Mexico Feb 29th?  So who is moving in on move in day? Lol I guess no one haha.  Cause this is my crazy life.  But we talked to the ppl from the new place and are letting us move in a little early.  Which is awesome cause I would like to stay in my new place at least once before I leave for 2 months. Lol  Plus this is good, we can get out of Brad’s hair before he is sick of us and we lose a friend.

So now that is handled, well for now.  I can worry about Mexico.  OMG I’m going to Mexico.  One of my biggest dreams is to wrestle in Mexico. (want to know my other dreams/goals? Check out my bucketlist) Now like whats going to happen there? Am I going to be under a mask? Am I going to be myself?  Will I be the only American there?  Will anyone I’m with speak English? Because I don’t know a lick of Spanish. Someone send me Rossetta Stone for Spanish & Japanese please. Lol send it to Planet Finess lol cause I’m homeless right now haha.
Anyway I’m so excited and so nervous. But 2 months? Damn I’m so going to miss my man.  I’m worried what he is going to do to the new place, and how I have to fix it when I get back lol. I mean change it.
I love the Lucha style and can’t wait to learn more when I’m down there.  I’m going to luchafy your mind when I get back lol. But I’m excited cause unlike Japan I know I’ll like some of the food. Who doesn’t like tacos? Lol It has all the food groups in it.

Speaking of food, I can’t stop eating. Idk if its just so good or I missed it so much when I was in Japan, or its just out of boredom. I’m kinda thinking all of the above.  But I hoping this Mexico tour kicks my butt back into shape, at least kicks it back into motivated mode.  I keep hearing that I’ll lose weight there if I drink the water lol. I’ll get everything flushed out. Eww sounds awful but that’s probably what my body needs get all this junk food out of my system.
So look for a thinner, high flying, luchadora, with crazy color hair in the next 2 months. Cause you might not realize its me at 1st. So keep your eyes open. Plus don’t get sad I’ll be keeping up on my “Gabbin’ w/ Gabby” vids.  And if you want to book me for show when I get back just email me at: Gabby@GabbyGilbert.com

And I’m sorry to say I won’t be in the Comedy March Maddness this year.  But I’m sure I will have lots of jokes when I get back from Mexico.  So be sure to check out my stand up comedy when I get back too.

Oh I know that I promised you guys “Pots, Pans, & Pro Wrestling”  I don’t think you will see any till I get back. Plus my new kitchen will be awesome for it!!!

Check you Later!

February 11, 2012

Gabbin' with Gabby eps 4

Hey check out my new hair color in this episode of GwG.  Plus hear all the gossip with ME, Gabby!

Do you like the color? Comment and let me know.  Maybe I'll keep it, maybe I'll change it.
Have gossip for me? or stuff you want me to talk about, let me know. 

January 21, 2012

Mucha Lucha

  Ok people. I will be leaving for Mexico Feb 29th. I will be there for 2 months.  I will be wrestling for the company LLF Lucha Libre Femenil.
   I am very excited to go to Mexico. It is one of my dreams (bucketlist).  I am excited to learn more lucha. I love the lucha style and try to add it in my matches as often as I can.  I hope to learn all kinds of stuff to do. Doing lucha with some Japanese style will definitely make my matches more exciting (like I'm not already excited enough) So keep watching as you never know what I am going to pull out of my hat.
  I will be blogging my whole time down there so keep checking back to read all about it.

January 18, 2012


Its true, its true. Lucha time for this Lucha Doll.  You heard it hear first. I, Gabby Gilbert, am going to MEXICO!!!!

I will be in Mexico with the company LLF Lucha Libre Femenil.
Please stay tuned for more details.

January 17, 2012

It Has Begun!

It has?  Yes! The year 2012 has started and so has the ass kicking.  This is the year Gabby Gilbert "Takes the World" over.  To keep updated on what part of the world I'm currently taking on keep checking my schedule.

Ok Where to start? Well My 1st match of the year was at WXW-C4 www.WXWC4.com where I wrestled Niya and I lost my belt :(   But don't worry I'll have my rematch soon enough.  Doing a few little shows here and there getting ready for an awesome year. 

Coming up at AIW Girls Night Out #5 www.AIWrestling.com, I'm wrestling the former AIW Women's Champ Angel Dust. She will just be the start of my ass kicking I have to do in that company. I'm not done with Portia Perez. I she better not even try in sick one of her Ninja friends on me. Especially that Allison Danger chick.

Gabbin' w/ Gabby!  Your new favorite video blog.  I have yet to film this years 1st episode.  I guess I'm trying to relax before my crazy schedule this year. Ok plus I'm a little lazy. But believe me I will have ALOT to say in my next one. And I know you all love the sound of my voice.  Plus Gabbin' w/ Gabby wont be the only vids you can catch me on.  Ok are you ready? Well you should be after the 25 Days of Baking blog. Well You can catch me on Pot, Pans,  & Pro Wrestling! 

It my own little cooking show with wrestlers. As we try to cook what us wrestlers call a meal. My guest will share some stories and updates.  Hope you tune in. Keep checking back to find out my 1st guest. #Hint: Monster C chili.

Lets see what else do I have going on this year.... Oh thats right I'm going to Puerto Rico!  I am wrestling for Puerto Rico Wrestling Alliance (PRWA).  There I will be wrestling Aida Marie Costa.  We hopefully tear the house down as (like most places unfortunately) don't have much Women's Wrestling.  But we will change that. 

Plus in March WSU 5 year Anniversary www.WSUwrestling.com.  Where I will be taking on Athena. I think whoever win gets in the Women's J-cup Tourny. I'm so winning that this year. Not trying to sound conceited but I'm "Taking the World" this year and the J-cup is just 1 part of that.

Plus in March I have a comedy competition. March Madness. Which Steve Corino & Noah Houlihan are also in. I hope I make it past the 1st night.  If you haven't heard them do comedy you are missing a split in your side as they will make you laugh till it hurts. 
You can Find out more about Steve Corino at www.WorldOfCorino.com and Please listen to his Extreme Odd Couple Podcast. on www.XOCpodcast.com as its funny, informative, racey (not racist, well not on purpose) wrestling, movies, baseball and everything in between. Mostly the never ending battle between Corino and Rob Dimension. So follow him on twitter @SteveCorino
You can find more about Noah Houlihan on www.PlusTwoComedy.com  Noah & his friends will make you laugh the only way Nerds know how. I don't know how cause I'm not a nerd but he makes me laugh. Follow him on twitter @TVsNoah

Ok And the BIGGEST news of the year (so far)..... I can't tell you just yet, as details are still being worked out.  But lets just say... Gabby Gilbert "Takes the World" is going to be fun in this part of the world. Which part? Lets just say X marks the spot. lol Still don't know? Just keep checking back to find out. I'm just glad I like tacos. Wait.. damn it. I didn't say that hehe.

Ok also this year.. new pix, vids, moves, colors, outfits, shirts.  O yeah I said T-shirts. They will be up on the Shop till you Drop section soon as they are in.

Oh Yeah! one of the movies I was in Lebanon, Pa. is on Netflix & I saw it was playing on Showtime. So check it out. And count how many times you see me as I'm in a few scenes.

It has Begun. But I'm just getting stated!

January 4, 2012


Big News for Gabby Gilbert in 2012!!!
Stay tuned for details as they develop.