February 20, 2012

Keep on Keepin on...

Moving, moving, moving…
Ok so its only February and my life feels so crazy.

I am moving. Not too far. Just like the next town over.  The place I was in, is being ripped down and re built.  We can move back in when its done (whenever that may be). And I’m sure that the rent will be a lot higher.  Plus what am I supposed to do until then? Oh yeah did I mention that the Landlord only gave us 10 DAYS.  Yeah 10 freakin days.  I was so pissed. Then I realized that’s what was in the lease. But still 10 days. I rarely have things planned for the next 2 days. How am I going to find a new place to live, move all my crap, (which I’m still not done moving my stuff from my parents) oh yeah and pay for it all in 10 DAYS?  If you think that my schedule looks a little lite, its cause I have other things on my mind… like finding a place to live!
Yeah I don’t know if you know this but wrestling doesn’t pay a lot.  Which is why we need you fans to buy are pix and shirts to keep are wrestling habit going.  If it did pay I wouldn’t be working at Dicks Sporting goods. Blah
So anyway, shockingly we totally found a new place that we can afford (that’s not in the ghetto) and its bigger than our old place.  Moving up in the world. Lol But we can’t move in yet.  So what does that mean for this awesome chick?  You guessed it, I’m homeless.  Our stuff is stuffed into a 5x10 storage, and I just have whatever else fits in the car on hand, & our 2 cute dogs.  But thanks to a great friend, He is letting us stay at his place till we move in.  When is move in day? Thats right you guessed it again March 1st. Oh did I mention Steve leaves for Japan Feb 28th, & I leave for Mexico Feb 29th?  So who is moving in on move in day? Lol I guess no one haha.  Cause this is my crazy life.  But we talked to the ppl from the new place and are letting us move in a little early.  Which is awesome cause I would like to stay in my new place at least once before I leave for 2 months. Lol  Plus this is good, we can get out of Brad’s hair before he is sick of us and we lose a friend.

So now that is handled, well for now.  I can worry about Mexico.  OMG I’m going to Mexico.  One of my biggest dreams is to wrestle in Mexico. (want to know my other dreams/goals? Check out my bucketlist) Now like whats going to happen there? Am I going to be under a mask? Am I going to be myself?  Will I be the only American there?  Will anyone I’m with speak English? Because I don’t know a lick of Spanish. Someone send me Rossetta Stone for Spanish & Japanese please. Lol send it to Planet Finess lol cause I’m homeless right now haha.
Anyway I’m so excited and so nervous. But 2 months? Damn I’m so going to miss my man.  I’m worried what he is going to do to the new place, and how I have to fix it when I get back lol. I mean change it.
I love the Lucha style and can’t wait to learn more when I’m down there.  I’m going to luchafy your mind when I get back lol. But I’m excited cause unlike Japan I know I’ll like some of the food. Who doesn’t like tacos? Lol It has all the food groups in it.

Speaking of food, I can’t stop eating. Idk if its just so good or I missed it so much when I was in Japan, or its just out of boredom. I’m kinda thinking all of the above.  But I hoping this Mexico tour kicks my butt back into shape, at least kicks it back into motivated mode.  I keep hearing that I’ll lose weight there if I drink the water lol. I’ll get everything flushed out. Eww sounds awful but that’s probably what my body needs get all this junk food out of my system.
So look for a thinner, high flying, luchadora, with crazy color hair in the next 2 months. Cause you might not realize its me at 1st. So keep your eyes open. Plus don’t get sad I’ll be keeping up on my “Gabbin’ w/ Gabby” vids.  And if you want to book me for show when I get back just email me at: Gabby@GabbyGilbert.com

And I’m sorry to say I won’t be in the Comedy March Maddness this year.  But I’m sure I will have lots of jokes when I get back from Mexico.  So be sure to check out my stand up comedy when I get back too.

Oh I know that I promised you guys “Pots, Pans, & Pro Wrestling”  I don’t think you will see any till I get back. Plus my new kitchen will be awesome for it!!!

Check you Later!

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