February 29, 2012

My 1st day in Mexico

Alright people I'm going to try to do this every couple days while I'm here in Monterrey, Mexico!. I'll be here for 2 whole months and this is my 1st day.

Well you probly saw most of my tweets (thsts if you follow me @IamGabbyGilbert ) about my day as it was happening.  So I got to the Philly airport like 6hrs early. I caught up on my Xtreme Odd Couple Podcast w/ Steve Corino & Rob Dimension.  You can find it on www.XOCpodcast.com
Well started to fall asleep. I wake up and realize it time to check in. First flight I had an aisle seat and no one next to me but someone at the window. Which is fine cause I just need elbow room incase I puke.  Of course the 1st thing I do on the plane is check for a barf bag. Found it! So it seems everytime I am given a barf bag I don't puke. So I was happy I didn't puke but felt little bad. Got off and went straight to the other gate with just enough time to ue the bathroom and board.  OMG this plane was small. like 2 seats the aisle then 1 seat. I was the very last seat on the single side.  Which I was fine with. But my ears we popping I was feeling dizzy. I could almost feel the puke building up.  Good thing I didn't eat much. I just kept breathing and tried to take a nap.  Felt really bad by the time I got off the plane but NO PUKE!

Waiting around to get picked p made me so nervous.  How long do I sit there before I realize no one is coming and I should change my flight. I was like I will give it 24 hrs lol.  Then I tried to go online and the airport was trying to charge me. FUCK that shit.   Finally someone came for me. I was so happy to get out of the airport. They asked if I was hungry and what I eat. hahah litle do this people know I am a very picky eater and only eat like 3 things.  Well trying to be nice. "Anything is fine"  HUGH LIE! Thank god they said hamburger.Till I got to thinking how my friend Ed went to Mexico asked for a hamburger and got ham between 2 pieces of bread.(I don't eat ham)  I'm like wait we are still in Texas, they have to mean a real hamburger. fingers crossed.  Well we pass Wendys, BK, Jack in the box, another BK, Md's, another Wendys... where the fuck are we going to eat this hamburger? Now I don't speak a lick of Spanish but I can tell we are lost. I know the face. I have that face almost all day every day. So finally we pull up to something with a Wonder Woman symbol on it.  its called "Whataburger" never heard of it but it looked better then a ham sandwich. check it out on www.whataburger.com

Then we go to Walmart then across the boarder. I didn't realize it was the boarder at first. We got over in like a sec. Didn't even look at my passport or even ask our names. She opened the door said something they said no then we drove off. Felt like we just slowed down didn't stop lol  It better be that easy coming home.

So I'm so tired by this point up over 24hrs not including the mins of sleep I got at the airport and the plane.  So i try to nap in the car to randomly wake up like mins before I hear my name on the radio.  Yuppers They were talking about me and I couldn't understand any of it lol But it was freakin awesome.
Finally get to Monterrey where I was forced to eat enchalata which was kinda ok. like I eat it but would never ask for it again kinda good. Hung out at the "arena" now finally at his place where I am staying.  So tired but So excited.

I feel like I will only be here a week or a few days. Its crazy to think that I will be here for 2 months.  I think its going to go by fast.  I have an interview tomorrow on a radio station.  yup remeber I don't know any Spanish... yup this is going to be fun lol.

Well keep checking back to find out what else is going on with me in Mexico.

Oh yeah the 1st thing I saw when I crossed the board of course was a Coca-Cola truck. I laughed so hard. Plus thinking about what I just heard on XOCpdcast how Steve Corino thinks its a cult. lol well I am seeing tons of Coke stuff hear and 'm taking pix of all of it.  Then you can be the judge if you think its a cult or just yummy.

plus I'm trying to do vids of my adventure and hopefully of some matches too. So lots to look forward to.
Now to sleep awkwardly in someone else's house for the next 2 months as I did for the past 2 weeks.  This crazy thing I call life.

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