July 12, 2011

I'm in JAPAN!!!

Ok now I’m in Japan.  Here I am in my room, no phone, no computer, no TV, no family, 1 friend (Mia) but she’s a sleep, but I’m living in my dream. The question on my mind… “Now what?”   I was so happy I was there but so miserable.  Bored with nothing to eat.  Well there was a lot of food just nothing I liked.  I am a VERY VERY picky eater. Even when I did find something like KFC it still wasn’t the same.  So that 1st day I totally just ate Kit Kats. The 2nd day I found Pringles.

We went to training and I’m still sick from the plane, plus I haven’t eaten much. I’m not very good at training to begin with.  I like to go at my own pace.  Not that their pace is that much faster its just I’m not used to it. Plus they had Lucha girls there so is wasn’t just Japanese style training, it was Mexican style also. So they were teaching on different sides. After 10 years of wrestling you have that one way drilled in your head it’s a little hard to change ways, atleast so quickly and while I’m still sick mind you. It was hard for me to focus on what we were learning when I’m focusing on trying not to puke and just get through the drill.  Now I don’t have a problem with working hard or doing a lot of drills, its just hard for me.  Like in a match I can go at my own pace so it’s easier for me plus the adrenaline from the crowd, its not so bad.  But after the match or even later after the show, I have a huge headache and/or feel sick.  

So now in the States since there aren’t that many all girl feds the girls train with the guys. You don’t train with the girls that you are on shows with. Most of the time you meet them right before your match. But in Japan most of the girls train together so its easier to know what the other does and have good matches. Well my 1st show at REINA was at the Shinkiba 1st Ring and I’m the only 1 that hasn’t met her opponent yet.  And of course my opponent doesn’t speak English… awesome. And I was 1st match. The locker room was kinda small so it was more like 2 rooms with everyone split. Top joshi & the gaijin were in the one room & the luchadoras & the young joshi were in another.  But the luchadoras were in the main so the joshi wanted them in their room. There wasn’t a lot of room so someone had to move. Since I was in a singles match and the joshi I was working was leaving right after match I should move with the young girls.  Which was find with me I was starting to bond with them at the dojo.  So I moved all my stuff to realize that not just the luchadoras moved it was ALL the girls.  So there I was in my own locker room all by myself. While everyone seemed busy I wasn’t even sure if I was allowed back in the room.  So I just stayed all by myself.  Whats the Green Day hidden song… I was all by myself, so I went to your house, I was all by myself, no one was there….
So I had my match, I lost but I still thought I did really good.  I feel like I did every move I knew in that little time. Plus everytime she put me in her submission the ropes felt so far away.  I never thought I was going to get to them.  It was so hot I could barely breathe.  Oh did I mention she used to tag with Sumie Sakai and they both did judo together.  I was hoping that since I also tag with Sumie she would go a little easy on me lol.  So I go to my lonely room I fnally talk to someone that says I was funny, but they didn’t want funny.  Of course.  So the 2nd show I was thinking no comedy but they tell me “yes now we want comedy, funny, funny”  WTF   make up your mind people.  What do you want from me? No comedy or lots of comedy.  I “good but need more training” umm… ok thanks? They said that it depends on my 2nd match if they were going to bring me back even tho they were talking about it the whole time I got there. So after the 2nd match where I did a lot of comedy but still wrestled hard, they said they really liked it. And offered me a deal to come back for 3 months.  So I guess I did good. Even the press came up to me and told me I did good. “Very entertaining, very funny”  but I was also told that comedy not good in Japanese wrestling then I hear that “Comedians” are treated like gold there.  So I’m really confused with all this broken Engrish. When I came back I found out that they promoted me like a stand up comedian, which is awesome I am trying to be 1 but I’m not really good yet.
 And a friend went to Japan since I came back he asked around to see how I did. All tell him I’m funny gajin.  Lol People that haven’t seen me wrestle, just people that met me.  WTF I didn’t realize I’m such a funny person. Or is it just my face? Lol  I’m not sure if I’m that funny of a person your I’m just trying to have fun all the time. Plus I WAS IN JAPAN. Of course I’m jumping around having the time of my life, well for the most part.  Still confused on why I was the only person in that room, then later Hotta was getting her knee wrapped in there so I was scared, am I even aloud in there wit her? I She was kinda the one that kicked me out of the other locker room to begin with.  So I just tried to run by.  I don’t want to offend anyone or step on any toes plus with the customs and language.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right.  So I had a lot of fun wrestling in Japan and hope to wrestle there again soon.  Keep checking back at my site to find out when.  Thanks!

July 2, 2011

Going to JAPAN!!

Ok I’ve been wrestling for 10 yrs.  I love all styles of wrestling and I try to learn them all.  I love the Japanese style of wrestling. And in the wrestling business it’s a big deal to go to Japan.  So since before I start a big goal of mine was to go to Japan.  You think that getting to Japan is hard for guys it’s even harder for the girls.  Like the states there are more guy feds than girls.  And the Japanese girls (Joshi) are so good over there guys steal spots/moves from them.  So to be good enough to go over is so hard.  But like the states Japan has Joshi feds popping up all the time.  That’s where I come.  I try to keep up on the Japanese scene. But I’m so bad at names and all that. If I ever forget your name don’t take it personal I just hit my head a lot.  I do the same thing with moves. “Umm the move that goes like that and you do the thingy, umm with the arm…” “A clothesline?” “Yeah that” I know what I’m talking about but I can’t say it lol.  So I just sound like I don’t know what I’m doing.

It finally happened, I’ve been asked to go to Japan!  REINA a new Joshi fed asked me to come for 2 shows. So I did.  It was the coolest thing ever.  I didn’t believe it. It was really happening.  I’m running around the house like a manic.  Reading the email like 100 xs.  I wanted to scream it to everyone.  But like everything in the crazy biz nothing is definite and things tend to fall through, so I didn’t tell anyone till I had my ticket. 

Now for the people that read my 1st blog know that I get very motion sickness.  I don’t fly EVER. I’ve been on a plane like 1 other time.  I try to drive everywhere.  The 1 time I was on a plane you guessed it I puked. So I was so nervous about this flight. I have dramimen but it doesn’t always work or takes to long to work.  So here I go on my flight.  Mind you every time I’ve been to the airport I get lost. And I’m usually just picking someone up.  So I was more scared about getting lost and missing my flight. I left from the Philly airport to Dallas. It wasn’t bad the 1st hour. The next to hours not so good.  The plane was hot. I had the middle seat.  It hit me, I was sick.  Just trying to breathe I couldn’t hold it anymore. I had to run to the bathroom. For the people that don’t know I’m kinda germ phobic.  But when I got to that bathroom I’m wrapped myself around that toilet. I didn’t even care, I was so sick.  I puked my guts out.  I feel like I haven’t puked so much in my life. I didn’t even remember eating that much that whole week. Someone walked in on me cause I didn’t even lock the door. At that point I don’t even think if I closed it.  So I finally land in Dallas.  I wanted to crawl of that plane.  I was so sick. I never felt so sick in my life.  I was crawling on the floor at the airport.  I didn’t want to ever go on a plane again. I called my mom & my bf crying.  I had it that I wasn’t going to Japan. I was that sick.  I will just go home.  But I’m not taking another flight. I’m just going to get a bus home. Or I’ll just live in Dallas get a job till I can rent a car to drive home.  That’s how I was at that moment. I tried to go find some food that would settle my stomach.  Of course I’m a huge picky eater and couldn’t find anything.  I tried to get a muffin. I swear it made it worse. I almost missed my flight.  That time crying and being sick on the floor I guess took a lot of time.  So I get my ass on the plane so how.  I had an aisle seat. So if I puked I didn’t have to hop over anyone. This plane was so much cooler. A lot of air. It didn’t smell.  The 1st meal I only eat the like roll and little of the salad.  They had some snack which was a ham and cheese sandwich I think. Eww but I held on to it incase I wanted the roll on it.  The 2nd meal was better, chicken and rice. I was so hungry I eat it.

I finally landed in Japan!!! I couldn’t believe I was there. I was so scared I’d get lost. I just kept following everyone else.  I finally go through customs and I see Riki.  I’m so mad I didn’t get to take a pic of him holding the sign with my name on it.  I get into the van and who is waiting for me? Mia Yim.  I’m so happy I was with someone I know and liked.  Still feeling sick.  The car ride wasn’t that long but it felt like it.  We go straight to the dojo. I was hoping we didn’t have to train being that I just wanted to throw up again.  We met everyone.  I was so nervous.  We pick up the Luchdoras and go to our apartment.  That’s right we had an apartment, not a hotel.  The Luchadoras had the apt. next door.  Mia and I had our own place with our own rooms.  It was so nice. Hailey Hatred was with us. She took us to Denny’s by Koragen Hall (I know it’s not spelled right) where we met up with Kellie Skater. Kellie, Mia, and I were in our glory, it was our 1st Japan tour.  Kellie got there like a week before we did.  Mia and I figured out how to get back to our apartment (that we were at for 5secs) from the train by ourselves. I took us awhile but we enjoined walking around Japan.  I AM IN JAPAN!!!!*www.bucketlist/list/Roxie

July 1, 2011

My 1st Blog!!!

Ok people you asked for it. So here it is... My 1st Blog!  NO I'm not really sure what to write in these blogs. So I guess I'll start this 1st blog to tell you a little about myself.

Well growing up my sister & I watched wrestling.  Our Dad always watched it so it was just something we did while switching back and forth from Saved by the Bell and other awesome shows like that.  I guess it was around the "new era" well maybe right before that, is when we really got into it.  I watched WWE (then WWF) when my sister WWE & WCW.  I would watch some smaller feds on tv like NWA-Wildside, CZW, etc.  But from some reason I never watched ECW.  I always seemed to miss it. When I did catch it, it was the same spot every time: Spike Dudley's gf getting knocked out.  Anyway I got more into wrestling as my sister kinda faded out.  Then 1 day I saw The Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling.  This is it. This is the where I said I am going to be a Pro Wrestler.*  In this documentary it had Fabulous Moolah had a school.  So I went online right away to find. And I didn't.  But I did find a few schools. JAPW got back to me, well one of the students did.  I was still in high school, no license, no car, no job. How was I (living in Philly) going to get to Bayonne, NJ?  But I found a way.  I loved wrestling. I always knew I was going to be famous and now I knew how.  I even did a little backyard wrestling Shh don't tell anyone.

So it’s been 10 years since I started wrestling. The 1st 4 went a little slow. There weren't as many girl wrestlers then and the girls that were wrestling all lived far away.  I 1st went by the name "Fever" If you don't know this about me I get very motion sick.  Even when I wrestle.  So I figured if I puked in the ring during my match it mad scene with my name lol.

So I am acting. Always wanted to be an actress but never thought I could learn lines. Oh wait I still can't lol. I mostly do extra work and some small indy films. But I'm still acting.  I always wanted to die in a horror movie.*  And I did! But now I want it to be more a bloody gory death. I'm into showing what I got inless it’s for my man but I would totally go nude for a horror movie.  It might happen so keep watching all my movies... pervs.

I'm trying to do stand up comedy.*  My whole life I have been told I was a funny person.  That and I should be a video game character.*  Well an ex b/f always wanted to do stand up.  I always watched it. Staying up late after SNL to watch it. I always liked it. Never wanted to do it.  Well he did.  We went around while he made jokes and did some open mics. I was being told I should try it.  I know I'm funny but I'm more let’s point and laugh at her funny.  Not stand up funny.  But 1 night I was broke and you had to pay to get in inless you were on the show. So that did it I went on stage.  I didn't know what to do so I just did a promo with wrestling character (which is just me to the extreme) and people laughed. I thought it was more she is so bad I can't help to laugh. But people said I had potentional. So now I'm hooked.  I'm trying to do it for real now.  Not really trying to be some big stand up comedian like Seinfeld (even though it would be nice). But I am really trying to learn the act of stand up comedy.  Going to open mics, workshops with other comedians, taking tons of advice. It’s so much fun.  The best jokes are the ones that don't sound like a joke. (like the best heels don't know they are heels)

So that my "Professional" life.  I've dated guys in and out of the wrestling business.  But it finally happened. I found him.  The one that makes me truly happy.  I've dated some good guys and some NOT so good guys.  But this guy is the 1st MAN I have ever dated.  And no I don't call him a man cause of his age. He is a real MAN. He puts me 1st. He loves his kid. And is just an all around good person.  He is so smart. He never makes me feel stupid.  He treats me so good. Always makes me laugh.  I love just listening to him talk (and he is a talker.) He makes me want to better myself.  He gets me to read.  Yeah I'm not a reader. But since I've been with him I have read more books then I've read my whole life combined.  He knows what I want in life and makes me feel like I can get it. Any dream I have he tells me that I can do it.  Sometimes I think just cause he is a personal trainer that he is just a good motivator. But he really believes in me. ( I don't know why he does) But it’s nice to have that someone believe in you.  Well anyway we live together now. Its so awesome.  I’m like little Suezy home maker.  And I’m kinda like a stepmom.  Weird right? I think it is. I never wanted to date a guy with a kid for the fact I would get attached to the kid.  Plus I’m not ready to be “Mommy.” I have so much in my life I want to do.  But its different this kid is older so no diapers. Plus he is just freakin awesome. He is so smart and funny, just like his dad.  I wish I could take credit for him.  So yeah Stepmom roll.  I don’t really feel like stepmom-ish more like his friend. If anything a cool aunt? Whatever I am I truly love him.  He is take this world by strom. Watch out world here he comes.

I have 2 dogs.  I’m so NOT a dog person.  Even an animal person.  And now I cuddle up next to them in bed.  So weird I used to run to wash my hands after a dog would come near me.

I love Coca-Cola!  I drink it all day.  I’m not kidding.  I have Coke all over my house.  Buy me a coke!  So I went to World of Coke in GA with my man. It was awesome.  Drank coke products from all over the world.  I have coke shirts, pjs, belt buckles, hats, but I need much more.  Buy me coke stuff.

Ok I don’t know whatelse to say in this 1st blog.  I don’t know how often I’ll being doing these blogs. So keep checking back.

Everything with * near it is for my bucketlist. Everyone should have one. 
A goal is a dream with a deadline.