July 12, 2011

I'm in JAPAN!!!

Ok now I’m in Japan.  Here I am in my room, no phone, no computer, no TV, no family, 1 friend (Mia) but she’s a sleep, but I’m living in my dream. The question on my mind… “Now what?”   I was so happy I was there but so miserable.  Bored with nothing to eat.  Well there was a lot of food just nothing I liked.  I am a VERY VERY picky eater. Even when I did find something like KFC it still wasn’t the same.  So that 1st day I totally just ate Kit Kats. The 2nd day I found Pringles.

We went to training and I’m still sick from the plane, plus I haven’t eaten much. I’m not very good at training to begin with.  I like to go at my own pace.  Not that their pace is that much faster its just I’m not used to it. Plus they had Lucha girls there so is wasn’t just Japanese style training, it was Mexican style also. So they were teaching on different sides. After 10 years of wrestling you have that one way drilled in your head it’s a little hard to change ways, atleast so quickly and while I’m still sick mind you. It was hard for me to focus on what we were learning when I’m focusing on trying not to puke and just get through the drill.  Now I don’t have a problem with working hard or doing a lot of drills, its just hard for me.  Like in a match I can go at my own pace so it’s easier for me plus the adrenaline from the crowd, its not so bad.  But after the match or even later after the show, I have a huge headache and/or feel sick.  

So now in the States since there aren’t that many all girl feds the girls train with the guys. You don’t train with the girls that you are on shows with. Most of the time you meet them right before your match. But in Japan most of the girls train together so its easier to know what the other does and have good matches. Well my 1st show at REINA was at the Shinkiba 1st Ring and I’m the only 1 that hasn’t met her opponent yet.  And of course my opponent doesn’t speak English… awesome. And I was 1st match. The locker room was kinda small so it was more like 2 rooms with everyone split. Top joshi & the gaijin were in the one room & the luchadoras & the young joshi were in another.  But the luchadoras were in the main so the joshi wanted them in their room. There wasn’t a lot of room so someone had to move. Since I was in a singles match and the joshi I was working was leaving right after match I should move with the young girls.  Which was find with me I was starting to bond with them at the dojo.  So I moved all my stuff to realize that not just the luchadoras moved it was ALL the girls.  So there I was in my own locker room all by myself. While everyone seemed busy I wasn’t even sure if I was allowed back in the room.  So I just stayed all by myself.  Whats the Green Day hidden song… I was all by myself, so I went to your house, I was all by myself, no one was there….
So I had my match, I lost but I still thought I did really good.  I feel like I did every move I knew in that little time. Plus everytime she put me in her submission the ropes felt so far away.  I never thought I was going to get to them.  It was so hot I could barely breathe.  Oh did I mention she used to tag with Sumie Sakai and they both did judo together.  I was hoping that since I also tag with Sumie she would go a little easy on me lol.  So I go to my lonely room I fnally talk to someone that says I was funny, but they didn’t want funny.  Of course.  So the 2nd show I was thinking no comedy but they tell me “yes now we want comedy, funny, funny”  WTF   make up your mind people.  What do you want from me? No comedy or lots of comedy.  I “good but need more training” umm… ok thanks? They said that it depends on my 2nd match if they were going to bring me back even tho they were talking about it the whole time I got there. So after the 2nd match where I did a lot of comedy but still wrestled hard, they said they really liked it. And offered me a deal to come back for 3 months.  So I guess I did good. Even the press came up to me and told me I did good. “Very entertaining, very funny”  but I was also told that comedy not good in Japanese wrestling then I hear that “Comedians” are treated like gold there.  So I’m really confused with all this broken Engrish. When I came back I found out that they promoted me like a stand up comedian, which is awesome I am trying to be 1 but I’m not really good yet.
 And a friend went to Japan since I came back he asked around to see how I did. All tell him I’m funny gajin.  Lol People that haven’t seen me wrestle, just people that met me.  WTF I didn’t realize I’m such a funny person. Or is it just my face? Lol  I’m not sure if I’m that funny of a person your I’m just trying to have fun all the time. Plus I WAS IN JAPAN. Of course I’m jumping around having the time of my life, well for the most part.  Still confused on why I was the only person in that room, then later Hotta was getting her knee wrapped in there so I was scared, am I even aloud in there wit her? I She was kinda the one that kicked me out of the other locker room to begin with.  So I just tried to run by.  I don’t want to offend anyone or step on any toes plus with the customs and language.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or right.  So I had a lot of fun wrestling in Japan and hope to wrestle there again soon.  Keep checking back at my site to find out when.  Thanks!

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