July 2, 2011

Going to JAPAN!!

Ok I’ve been wrestling for 10 yrs.  I love all styles of wrestling and I try to learn them all.  I love the Japanese style of wrestling. And in the wrestling business it’s a big deal to go to Japan.  So since before I start a big goal of mine was to go to Japan.  You think that getting to Japan is hard for guys it’s even harder for the girls.  Like the states there are more guy feds than girls.  And the Japanese girls (Joshi) are so good over there guys steal spots/moves from them.  So to be good enough to go over is so hard.  But like the states Japan has Joshi feds popping up all the time.  That’s where I come.  I try to keep up on the Japanese scene. But I’m so bad at names and all that. If I ever forget your name don’t take it personal I just hit my head a lot.  I do the same thing with moves. “Umm the move that goes like that and you do the thingy, umm with the arm…” “A clothesline?” “Yeah that” I know what I’m talking about but I can’t say it lol.  So I just sound like I don’t know what I’m doing.

It finally happened, I’ve been asked to go to Japan!  REINA a new Joshi fed asked me to come for 2 shows. So I did.  It was the coolest thing ever.  I didn’t believe it. It was really happening.  I’m running around the house like a manic.  Reading the email like 100 xs.  I wanted to scream it to everyone.  But like everything in the crazy biz nothing is definite and things tend to fall through, so I didn’t tell anyone till I had my ticket. 

Now for the people that read my 1st blog know that I get very motion sickness.  I don’t fly EVER. I’ve been on a plane like 1 other time.  I try to drive everywhere.  The 1 time I was on a plane you guessed it I puked. So I was so nervous about this flight. I have dramimen but it doesn’t always work or takes to long to work.  So here I go on my flight.  Mind you every time I’ve been to the airport I get lost. And I’m usually just picking someone up.  So I was more scared about getting lost and missing my flight. I left from the Philly airport to Dallas. It wasn’t bad the 1st hour. The next to hours not so good.  The plane was hot. I had the middle seat.  It hit me, I was sick.  Just trying to breathe I couldn’t hold it anymore. I had to run to the bathroom. For the people that don’t know I’m kinda germ phobic.  But when I got to that bathroom I’m wrapped myself around that toilet. I didn’t even care, I was so sick.  I puked my guts out.  I feel like I haven’t puked so much in my life. I didn’t even remember eating that much that whole week. Someone walked in on me cause I didn’t even lock the door. At that point I don’t even think if I closed it.  So I finally land in Dallas.  I wanted to crawl of that plane.  I was so sick. I never felt so sick in my life.  I was crawling on the floor at the airport.  I didn’t want to ever go on a plane again. I called my mom & my bf crying.  I had it that I wasn’t going to Japan. I was that sick.  I will just go home.  But I’m not taking another flight. I’m just going to get a bus home. Or I’ll just live in Dallas get a job till I can rent a car to drive home.  That’s how I was at that moment. I tried to go find some food that would settle my stomach.  Of course I’m a huge picky eater and couldn’t find anything.  I tried to get a muffin. I swear it made it worse. I almost missed my flight.  That time crying and being sick on the floor I guess took a lot of time.  So I get my ass on the plane so how.  I had an aisle seat. So if I puked I didn’t have to hop over anyone. This plane was so much cooler. A lot of air. It didn’t smell.  The 1st meal I only eat the like roll and little of the salad.  They had some snack which was a ham and cheese sandwich I think. Eww but I held on to it incase I wanted the roll on it.  The 2nd meal was better, chicken and rice. I was so hungry I eat it.

I finally landed in Japan!!! I couldn’t believe I was there. I was so scared I’d get lost. I just kept following everyone else.  I finally go through customs and I see Riki.  I’m so mad I didn’t get to take a pic of him holding the sign with my name on it.  I get into the van and who is waiting for me? Mia Yim.  I’m so happy I was with someone I know and liked.  Still feeling sick.  The car ride wasn’t that long but it felt like it.  We go straight to the dojo. I was hoping we didn’t have to train being that I just wanted to throw up again.  We met everyone.  I was so nervous.  We pick up the Luchdoras and go to our apartment.  That’s right we had an apartment, not a hotel.  The Luchadoras had the apt. next door.  Mia and I had our own place with our own rooms.  It was so nice. Hailey Hatred was with us. She took us to Denny’s by Koragen Hall (I know it’s not spelled right) where we met up with Kellie Skater. Kellie, Mia, and I were in our glory, it was our 1st Japan tour.  Kellie got there like a week before we did.  Mia and I figured out how to get back to our apartment (that we were at for 5secs) from the train by ourselves. I took us awhile but we enjoined walking around Japan.  I AM IN JAPAN!!!!*www.bucketlist/list/Roxie

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