How it all started:
  I always watched pro-wrestling growing up with my Dad and my sister.  I loved pro-wrestling the boys on my block ( I was such a tomboy). Then I saw "The Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling"  where they said former WWE Women's champion Faboulous Moolah had a school. So I went online to find never did but I did find JAPW school  www.japw.net 

Wrestling Style:
  I try to mix it up. I have interest in all styles of wrestling. Learning all styles and trying to figured out of the style that fits me best. But then again like my clothes, I think I'll keep changing it.

-2010 PWI's Top 50 Females #50
-Maryland's 1st Women's Champion (ACW)
-WORLD-1 1st Female Tag Team Champions (w/ Sumie Sakai~ Harajuku Musume)
-WSU 1st Tag Team Champions (w/ Annie Social~ Beatdown Betties)
-WORLD-1 Battle Royal for the Gold winner 2010
-WORLD-1 Battle Royal for the Gold winner 2009

Titles Held:
-ACPW~ American Championship Pro Wrestling~ Women's Championship
-WSU~ Women's Superstars Uncencored~ (1st)Tag Team Champ 2x (w/ Annie Social/Beatdown Betties)
-NEW~ New Elite Wrestling~(1st) Women's Championship (current)
-ACW~ Adrenaline Championship Wrestling~ (1st) Women's Championship (Marylands 1st Women's Champion)
-WORLD-1 Wrestling~ Women's Championship
-DWOW~ Dangerous Women Of Wrestling~ Tag Team Champions (w/ Marti Belle/Punky Brusiers) (current)
-DWF~ Devestation Wrestling Federation~ Women's Championship (current/made vaccant)
-WORLD-1 Wrestling~ Tag Team Championships (1st females) (w/ Sumie Sakai/Harajuku Musume)

-WXW-C4~ Women's Championship 
-LLF~ Lucha Libre Feminal Jr Championship (My 1st International) (current)