March 27, 2012

1 month in Mexico

Ok people it has been 1 month in Mexico & I’m having fun. Ok so my 1st week not so great. Well I don’t want to say that but if read my Japan blog, I don’t do good on planes.  Ok so I was sick on the plane but I didn’t puke! Then a long car ride (that did not help the sickness) to Monterrey, MX. So that is where I’m staying.  Now this might be too much info but it was also that time of the month when I got here. Which might be part of the reason I was so grumpy my 1st week. Plus the stress of how I left things at home before I came. New house, broken car, leaving Steve with everything. Ok As much as I love traveling for this awesome business, I hate being away from my man & my home. Well I’m ok when he leaves lol so maybe just my home.  I just feel so out of my element and lost. I hate feeling lost. Even while just driving and I get lost, I get really upset and cry.

But anyway, I am so happy and grateful to be here. A dream come true. It’s hard talking to the girls because I don’t know a lick of Spanish & they don’t know any English. Plus getting used to that tag matches here are always 2 out of 3 falls. And both team members have to be pinned/submitted to lose the fall.  So yeah I was really confused at first. I was really down on myself. Like really down. But I’m ok now. I made some friends. I found some food places that I like. And you all know what a picky eater I am.  I think I felt better after I got to talk to Steve on the phone. Hearing his voice just makes me so happy inside.  He just makes everything better.

So I am cutting back on the soda (can’t quit its too good). I’m running every morning. Which was hard at first because I did get lost a few times. But I didn’t cry! Took me awhile but I found my way back.  But have no excuses (work, dogs, etc.) for me to get in shape. I haven’t done so great the 1st month but I promise to do better this 2nd month.  I want to come back a better me.

I am trying to get the most out of this experience by doing as much as I can.  Learning as much as I can. Seeing as much of Mexico as I can.  Plus my new friend, Freddy is a great tour guide.  Did you know that wrestling/ Lucha Libre is still considered a sport here. Which I think is awesome. Plus learning what a mask means down here is so cool. Being that I’m under one down here is freakin awesome to me.  I always wanted to be under a mask. Its not the best looking mask but I love it.

I am starting to get the hang of things down here but there is so much more I can learn and improve on. Oh yeah did I mention that I won a belt? Yuppers I did. I won the LLF Jr Championship belt. I am trying to work hard to prove that I deserve it and keep it. Learning how to kick some ass in new ways down here.  I can’t wait to come back to the states and show the new improve ass kicking Gabby Gilbert.  Hopefully I’ll come back with new gear.

Well this is my update. Pix soon. To keep up with me in more detail follow me on twitter @IamGabbyGilbert 

And I will be back on May 1st.  So if you are looking to book me please email me at

Check you later Bitches.

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