January 17, 2012

It Has Begun!

It has?  Yes! The year 2012 has started and so has the ass kicking.  This is the year Gabby Gilbert "Takes the World" over.  To keep updated on what part of the world I'm currently taking on keep checking my schedule.

Ok Where to start? Well My 1st match of the year was at WXW-C4 www.WXWC4.com where I wrestled Niya and I lost my belt :(   But don't worry I'll have my rematch soon enough.  Doing a few little shows here and there getting ready for an awesome year. 

Coming up at AIW Girls Night Out #5 www.AIWrestling.com, I'm wrestling the former AIW Women's Champ Angel Dust. She will just be the start of my ass kicking I have to do in that company. I'm not done with Portia Perez. I she better not even try in sick one of her Ninja friends on me. Especially that Allison Danger chick.

Gabbin' w/ Gabby!  Your new favorite video blog.  I have yet to film this years 1st episode.  I guess I'm trying to relax before my crazy schedule this year. Ok plus I'm a little lazy. But believe me I will have ALOT to say in my next one. And I know you all love the sound of my voice.  Plus Gabbin' w/ Gabby wont be the only vids you can catch me on.  Ok are you ready? Well you should be after the 25 Days of Baking blog. Well You can catch me on Pot, Pans,  & Pro Wrestling! 

It my own little cooking show with wrestlers. As we try to cook what us wrestlers call a meal. My guest will share some stories and updates.  Hope you tune in. Keep checking back to find out my 1st guest. #Hint: Monster C chili.

Lets see what else do I have going on this year.... Oh thats right I'm going to Puerto Rico!  I am wrestling for Puerto Rico Wrestling Alliance (PRWA).  There I will be wrestling Aida Marie Costa.  We hopefully tear the house down as (like most places unfortunately) don't have much Women's Wrestling.  But we will change that. 

Plus in March WSU 5 year Anniversary www.WSUwrestling.com.  Where I will be taking on Athena. I think whoever win gets in the Women's J-cup Tourny. I'm so winning that this year. Not trying to sound conceited but I'm "Taking the World" this year and the J-cup is just 1 part of that.

Plus in March I have a comedy competition. March Madness. Which Steve Corino & Noah Houlihan are also in. I hope I make it past the 1st night.  If you haven't heard them do comedy you are missing a split in your side as they will make you laugh till it hurts. 
You can Find out more about Steve Corino at www.WorldOfCorino.com and Please listen to his Extreme Odd Couple Podcast. on www.XOCpodcast.com as its funny, informative, racey (not racist, well not on purpose) wrestling, movies, baseball and everything in between. Mostly the never ending battle between Corino and Rob Dimension. So follow him on twitter @SteveCorino
You can find more about Noah Houlihan on www.PlusTwoComedy.com  Noah & his friends will make you laugh the only way Nerds know how. I don't know how cause I'm not a nerd but he makes me laugh. Follow him on twitter @TVsNoah

Ok And the BIGGEST news of the year (so far)..... I can't tell you just yet, as details are still being worked out.  But lets just say... Gabby Gilbert "Takes the World" is going to be fun in this part of the world. Which part? Lets just say X marks the spot. lol Still don't know? Just keep checking back to find out. I'm just glad I like tacos. Wait.. damn it. I didn't say that hehe.

Ok also this year.. new pix, vids, moves, colors, outfits, shirts.  O yeah I said T-shirts. They will be up on the Shop till you Drop section soon as they are in.

Oh Yeah! one of the movies I was in Lebanon, Pa. is on Netflix & I saw it was playing on Showtime. So check it out. And count how many times you see me as I'm in a few scenes.

It has Begun. But I'm just getting stated!

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