April 15, 2012


In my time here in Mexico, I have been under a mask as Xtreme Girl. Which is awesome because I always wanted to do a masked gimmick. Plus its also a great way to appericate Mexican wrestling & the lucha style. Under the mask I have won the LLF Jr. Championship Belt. Which I still hold & will continue to defend as Gabby Gilbert.

There was a tournament called "Roulette of Death" which the loser loses her mask. Which has become a yearly thing at LLF.

 In this years tournament it was a battle royal entry which you have to pin or submit to win. The last in the ring loses her mask.  I did win but came back to save someone who was being beating with a chair. Reentering the ring, I reentered myself in the tournament. Then I lost my mask to Bandida. You can find the match on my youtube page.

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