November 4, 2011

Officially a Comedian!

Its official... I am a comedian.  Ok people so it’s known that I’ve been trying to do stand up comedy.  Mostly open mics, even a couple Roasts.   I’ve been working on becoming a Comedian for almost 2 years now.  Well not working on it as often as I should do to work, wrestling, life. Plus just trying to get my grasps on the art of it and figuring out what works for me.  But this past weekend I got paid for my 1st comedy set, even on the flyer.  Of course I don’t put myself on the same level as some great comedians like Jeffrey Ross, Daniel Tosh, Steve Martin, Jo Koy, Jerry Seindfield, etc.  But is a big stepping stone for me.  I’m good enough and funny enough to be put on a show and paid for it.

I just want to thank the guys for having me on the show and even considering having me.  It was a Halloween show. I thought I came up with some funny stuff. But its hard,  I know what I think is funny, but is that what others think is funny?  I’ve been told a lot that I’m funny in and out of the ring. But funny to your friends doesn’t always come off funny on stage.  So I want to thank all the people that came to my show and took time to laugh at me. Well I mean my joke lol.  

I’m still working on this craft. Like all comics, still working on the right joke in the right spot in the set, making new sets. Always trying to make that last joke even more funny than the last time you told it. Like wrestling different styles work for different crowds.  Stuff I’m still figuring out in wrestling and I’ve been doing that for 11yrs now.  So its going take awhile before I will be a great, well known comic.  But please come out (no not out of the closet) watch, listen, laugh & enjoy me and the adventure I’m on.

Keep checking back for more updates on comedy & the rest of this thing I call My Life.


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